TCP Tracker Project

Event driven development is the new craze! Everyone is doing it, or if they have not being doing so until this point in time, I’m sure that some Node.js evangelist is being baptizing them right now.

I decided to put a bit of a project together, which I composed a while back, onto github to demonstrate a few practical things about event-driven .NET code.

The project is pretty simple: it can act as a TCP proxy between two end-points. It will relay whatever the other side transmits, and vice versa. While it performs the relays, it will log all the activity to the file log… perfect if you need to debug any raw traffic!

I have also demonstrated the practical value of the Reactive Extensions framework in an event driven application. With very little effort, I managed to pump out statistics every second to the console window. I think I have fallen in love with this library!

Hopefully, someone will find the code useful.

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