About Justin Lovell

Justin Lovell

Hi! My name is Justin Lovell and a technologist at heart. Having over a decade of consultancy work, the most rewarding pieces of work has been in teaching and mentoring others into becoming into technical geniuses. Sometimes, they feel like rock stars.

My day to day job differs depending on what is required. Getting my hands dirty with code and working shoulder to shoulder with fellow team members is always welcome; I also enjoy talking to high-level technical and non-technical stakeholders to become engaged with the technical team members.

The core philosophies which I follow when designing and building software solutions: be pragmatic, reduce risk, achieve repeatable results, and simplify the design (because it is too easy to engineer complexity).

Why do I have this Web Site?

This web site is dedicated to my journey to become a better software engineer.

How did I get into Software Development?

I started programming when my father introduced me to Visual Basic and ASP 3. Since then, I enjoyed it so much that Microsoft awarded an MVP status in 2004 for the ASP.NET platform just prior to writing my final high school exams.

Starting with a hobby, I was super happy that people are also willing to pay for programming! Crazy, hey?